quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2015

Miss Cold Heart

Never thought that I could be,
The guy who's a witch's pawn,
But in a friday dawn,
It was just what I see,
Me being a foolish man.

Took someday's until I realize,
That was never love,
It was something above,
A possession from your mind,
How I could be so blind?
You always was the Miss Cold Heart.

So, why I try it?
I was too stupid?
Or just its works of cupid?
I really don't know,
And now, I don't give a shit.

I decided no more says,
But I woke up today,
And feel me an strange way,
So this gonna be one special gift,
My last words for you,
The words that you used to love.

Was a funny type of love,
Don't you think?
Out of the blue, you put a end,
Without no warnings send,
And I just took a breathe,
Because its all I could do.

It's just some words,
About our game that never was for two,
Always be just you,
Your imagination,
And a cold heart temptation.

Live your life free,
Freeze another someone,
But when all of your games done,
Don't come to back to me,
Please go to another way,
Go find you lovely foods,
And put me out your crazy moods.

So Miss Cold Heart,
This is the last song,
That I write to you,
And if you always love them,
Enjoy this last one,
Because me and them no more belong,
To your possession depart.

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