domingo, 1 de março de 2009


Monday they are cold in the spring,
The birds had stopped to sing,
And I have noticed,
Happy days if had been.

There it comes rain again,
Wetting the Tuesday,
And fulling my heart,
Of uncertainty and pain.

The streets are empty,
With the candy fog,
Of the frozen Wednesday.
That they make me to think,
In my own life.

The thursday comes,
And the thunders appears,
My fear grows,
It will be alone,
Until the end of life.

With the arrival of the friday,
The climate comes back to be hot,
Little joy seems to come back,
And the confidence also.

In Saturday everything is excellent,
The city breathes happy,
Sun shining,
My heart if getting passionate

Sunday is great,
But I miss you,
And already i'm faint,
For the return of the monday.

Bruno Tôp

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