domingo, 1 de março de 2009

She Can Be A Witch

She can't always be wrong,
Maybe almost always,
But it try follow the song...
It's all just circumstance.

He can't always be smiling,
Falseness has limit,
And his mask goes falling,
Early or later.

She wants it easy,
She want it relaxed
Said i can do a lot of things,
But can't tell a lie.

I cannot take this anymore,
Saying everything,
I said before,
"He can't love you,
He just a kidding"

She can be a witch,
But she not believe in me,
Because she is just a kid.
And i love her.

I'm sure,
I'm not being rude,
But it's just her attitude,
She can't see the truth.

I'm wanna be a clown,
Because i won't see,
She crying,
I won't see she's down.

I love her,
But can't see hope,
I'm go follow the ride,
And just forgot her smile.

Bruno Tôp

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